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Centrifugal and Axial fans

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Our company is able to meet every requirement of the customer, from the supply of axial and centrifugal industrial fan to the study and realisation of specific aeraulic efficiency system.
Know-how, design capability and operating abilities of our company are founded on the commitment and experience of over 60 years in the aeriform sector.

The construction of handling and air conditioning machines, air conveyor systems in the presence of pollutants, with extremely different air temperatures and gasses and therefore with different conditions and specific weights, make the air treatment field extremely complex.

Savio offers all its knowledge and practical experience to implement and innovate its products, also through consolidated partnerships with prestigious centres, i.e. the Turin Polytechnic (Energy Department and Fluid dynamics Department) and with engineering companies operating fluid dynamics research.
The twist of experience, research and innovation has permitted our company to design and realize new products, such as climatic wind tunnels, used in the automotive sector and flight tunnels for free - flight, obtaining excellent performance and energy saving.

Savio is also present in sectors with high quality profile, such as the shipbuilding sector providing air conditioning systems for luxury yachts, in hospital environments providing systems for operating theatres, in cement industry, biogas industry, automotive, foundry industries and for food industries with design and realization of preservation systems for salami, and damping systems for pollution produced from pigsties .

With its excellence in design and realization of systems in the air treatment sector our company is considered reliable and a point of reference, that undertakes to guarantee a continual improvement with a production target of “zero defect”, completely respecting the time-scales required by the customer.
The results of these efforts and the force of our experience have enabled Savio to consolidate its Italian offer and extend its production horizons, entering into the international markets.

Savio Industrial Fans & Blowers