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Centrifugal and Axial fans

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Our company is able to meet every requirement of the customer, from the supply of axial and centrifugal industrial fan to the study and realisation of specific aeraulic efficiency system.


Self-supporting structure with galvanised sheet metal section bars and joining elements in cast aluminium with threaded steel bushings to anchor the panels. The structure rests on a base frame (Iron UPN) with open bottom (without panels).
Closing panels (thickness 45 mm.) in galvanised sheet metal completely lined with deadening mineral wool pads (density 70 Kg/m3) with retaining glass web and micro-perforated galvanised net, bolted and easy to remove.
Aluminium section bars
Base-plate with steel section bars, inspection door with handle opened with hexagonal wrench, openable from inside and motor ventilation vents with protective grids.