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Centrifugal and Axial fans

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Our company is able to meet every requirement of the customer, from the supply of axial and centrifugal industrial fan to the study and realisation of specific aeraulic efficiency system.

Side Channel Blowers LCX - LCD Series

Side channel blowers


Packaging machines, for blowing and sucking - Pneumatic transport of plastic granulate, blasting grit, meal, coinage -Vacuum tables for board-cutting machines, laser-cutting machines - Air cushion tables for board-cutting machines - Vacuum lifting machines for porous materials - Blowing in dry tunnels (energy saving) -Testing welding joints in tanks and compartments - Cooling of “hot spots” - Draining drums due to over-pressure - Filling tankers due to under-pressure

Galvanisation baths - Fish farms - Ovens - Swimming pools and bubble baths - Water games

Extraction and filtering
Spot-suction in welding and soldering areas - Laser-cutting machines - Central extraction in bodywork workplaces - Central extraction from sanding lines - Vacuum aspiration table - Conveying system - industrial vacuum cleaners - Central Vacuum system - Absorption dryers - Backflush of sand filters - Waste water treatment - Galvanic systems

Cabbage peeling - Displays for fairs - Tube mail systems - Testing mastic roofings - Food - Vacuum cleaner - Air knives - Waste vacuum cleaner - Industrial manipulator - Soil remediation - Air lift bank and dam - Pneumatic post systems - Washing tanks

Aluminium central case in  AlSi9 Cu1 Mg gravity casting
All Aluminium parts treated through anodic oxidation (on demand)
Impregnation through resin RC-80ND to guarantee gastight machine and close eventual porosities (on demand)
SM (Solid Motor) or CLB (Coupling/Lantern/Basement) construction
Shaft in stainless steel AISI 316 (on demand)