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Centrifugal and Axial fans

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Our company is able to meet every requirement of the customer, from the supply of axial and centrifugal industrial fan to the study and realisation of specific aeraulic efficiency system.


Centrifugal blowers performanceAPPLICATIONS:
Biogas boosting (in waste water plants, landfill and anaerobic digestion processes)
Centralized cleaning systems
Dedusting systems
Cooling and drying systems
Fume extractions (combustion engine testing, chemical processes)
Pneumatic transportation

Aluminium central casing with intermediate stages consisting of diffusers and back channels assembled by tension rods.
Aluminium inlet / outlet headers with labyrinth seals on shaft passage.
Rotor  group composed by Aluminium blades and aluminium or SS AISI 304 disks.
The impellers are  keyed on special shaft in tempered carbon steel or SS AISI 431 and  they are  statically and dynamically balanced.
Ball bearings are housed in cast iron supports with rings seal. The lubrication (by grease) automatically removes excessive grease.
Transmission with belts and pulleys. Belt stretcher on motor basement.
Protection carter in steel wire net according safety specifications.
Anti-vibration feet assembled under the base.